Experience counts when you’re developing, maintaining or changing your brand. We have the experience and resources.

Our PHYSICIAN/HEALTHCARE clients (individual, group/primary care) ask for consulting and branding support to connect with referral physicians, patients, vendors and caregivers – the key tiers of business. We have 30+ years of healthcare experience. Client practices have included many sectors: neurosurgery, OB/GYN, surgery centers, medical and healthcare services and products in a retail setting, otology, neurotology, audiology,  dentistry, cosmetic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, cardiology, hearing centers, hippotherapy or horse therapy, orthopedics, family practice, sports medicine, hospice, integrative medicine, psychology, EMR support, prosthetics, ophthalmology, physical therapy, traumatic brain injury centers, reproductive medicine, home health, dermatology, pediatrics, pediatric dentistry, chiropractic, acupuncture, international medicine, and more.

BUSINESS clients ask us to guide their brand. We provide “in-touch” consulting strategies that are affordable and make sense. Our team melds advertising and digital strategies together with intuitive thinking and dialogue facilitation. We’ve worked with many businesses, including construction, design+build, certified kitchen and bath designers, custom-built grapple trucks, equine and canine product manufacturing and distributing, underwater engineering, private schools/colleges/universities, LEED contractors, architects, CPAs, museums, property managers, business development executives, attorneys, photographers, philanthropic foundations (sports, scientific, philanthropic, veteran), signage, human resources, educators, company benefit packaging, entertainment manufacturers, authors, individual and group consulting (small-to-large businesses, entrepreneurs, students, non-profits), interior designers, realtors, large realty companies, insurance brokerages, political candidates, water equipment, publicist strategies and launches, trademark/copyright and the business of art seminars, art galleries and artists, international investment companies, shipping and handling, underground pipe surveyors/inspections, environmental companies, association management, specialty advertising, beauty consultants, equipment manufacturers, chemical companies, major and minor community events, educational companies, fitness gurus, telephone communications, insurers, employee search companies, interdenominational churches and pastors, mindfulness coaches, a hunting plantation, homeless coalition, etiquette director, art galleries, underwater engineers, and more.

Known as a corporate identity brand leader and community spirit ambassador, MRG works with ethical, nimble and well-known professionals (digital advertising, graphic design, IT support/service, web design/hosting/network building, catering, printing) to launch + sustain your strategic plan efficiently and effectively. It’s your reputation – and ours.  We become part of your team and embrace dynamic change together melding innovation and creative juices together – THINK ABOUT IT – just 30 minutes thinking together with us might move your business ahead of the competition. Our services should be in your wheelhouse. They are proven and on the leading edge. We would be honored to work with you!

It was my distinct privilege to work with Joanelle for nearly six years, and I have rarely worked with anyone in my 36-year career in health administration that possessed her enthusiasm, drive, and skill set. She readily generates ideas, develops the steps necessary to implement them, and coordinates the people and resources to achieve successful completion. Among her many talents, she possesses great interpersonal communication skills that compliment her organizational and leadership skills. No project is too big or small for her to take on and complete.”

Joanelle is one of the sharpest marketing professionals I’ve ever met. I’ve depended upon her guidance for over 30 years, since she was VP/Corporate Communications at Baptist Health, then as Director/Marketing & Outreach at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute.  My entire staff enjoys collaborating with her on healthcare projects, and we look forward to a continued working relationship for many years to come.


Consulting + MarCom (public/media/Community Relations & Outreach

Business Development + Marketing Assessment + Strategic Plan

Digital Advertising + Social Media Targeting + Reputation Management

Website Design + Content Development

Branding + Full-Service Advertising (creating, directing, placing broadcast/radio/digital + TV + documentaries + client testimonials + corporate videos + print/magazine/newspaper ads, brochures + wayfinding…even door hangers + magazine content for features)

Surveys (patient/physician/customer) + Results Reporting

Publicity Services + Book Design + Copyright + Trademark

For Physicians/Health Care/Medical Care:

CME Events for Referring Physicians + Mentoring of Marketing Staff

Expo/Event Management + Specialty Items + Product and Service Launching

Outreach + Community & Media Relations + Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Employee Recognition + Loyalty Systems

Fundraising + Grant Writing

Not listed above? Call us – we can do it! Also, we can coordinate SEO classes for your IT employees. In short, we’ll determine your needs and develop a system of success for your business – we are the RAINMAKERS!

CLIENTS – Community Organizations & Associations (rehab, cancer, mental health) – crisis/emergency communications – Foundations (civil rights, disease-specific) – Independent/Group Practice Physicians & Services (Behavioral Health, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Podiatry, Radiation Oncology,  Radiology, Urology + CME Programs/Operations) – Hospitals + Health Systems – IT – Personal Coaching + Mindfulness Trainers – Philanthropists (Art Collectors, Symposiums, Special Events/Openings) – Political Campaigns – Real Estate Developers – Retail Stores – Urgent Care Centers – Wealth Management Businesses…and more!

Magazine/Tabloid/Book Articles – +

The currency of leadership is transparency and truth.

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