On A Personal Note

Author:  Re-Rooting – Life’s Journey

ISBN-13: 978-0-9790255-0-1  ISBN-10: 0-9790255-0-8
Pix+-+13+-+Re-Rooting+pixThere came a time when I felt it was important to scribe my thoughts about life, living and my own pursuit of happiness – while reading this book, you are asked to write along, as well – check-in with yourself. The success of my first book led me to write a sequel, Re-Rooting – Life’s Journey After Severance (Fall 2013). These books are written for those who have an interest in solutions to life’s challenges, thoughtful conversation, and mindfulness.  Also, my “Re-Rooting Seminars” offer four hours of dialogue delving into personal journeys that might open doors to a new way of looking at our world, the challenges of the many cultures, and how we summit to the top our barriers to find a new path.  You may purchase a book below, or email for more info.

Photographer:  Great Blue Heron Studios

Pix+-+Rhode+Island+-+dewI’m often found in my blue kayak navigating the rivers, tributaries and streams of NE FL and SE GA.  The photos are an extension of my vision and thoughts enabling thoughtful internal dialogue between you and each image I capture.  Two key suites are The Little Monks of Bhutan, a result of a photography journey in this beautiful Asian country of which the happiness of its people is the gross national product; and the Zacharia Kingsley Plantation.  I hope you enjoy looking through the website portfolio – photos can be readied for personal or corporate purchase.  I’ll be going down to Big Cypress Swamp in October 2013, to American photographer Clyde Butcher’s bungalow for a four-hour photo shoot in the quietness of the pristine swamp – stay tuned for my underwater photos of nature as she enters the Fall.  Also, you are welcome to join me for short excursions with “people in the know” regarding the environment, green living and slow food – all back-home local experts.  To purchase or more info, please email or go to www.greatblueheronstudios.com

Painter:  Great Blue Heron Studios

Pix+-+13+-+Jensen+Hande+-+CoRK+and+Rucker​I started painting in 2006, and much to my surprise, it opened up a whole new world.  My signature image is the cattail, which is found all over the globe, notably in the bulrushes of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, as well as in Florida’s St. Johns River. Subjects range from the Roseate Spoonbill to the Wood Stork, commissions for dogs and horses, glass installations mirroring the Caritas movement by Dr. Jean Watson and the 16th century map of Florida as evidenced by French Huguenot Rene Laudonniere’s maritime journal, Florida landscapes, cows and angels, and so on.  Also, my Florence Nightingale suite is available for exhibit. I speak to nursing classes, schools, universities/colleges and health systems on “The Life & Times of Florence NIghtingale.”  My studio is located at the CoRK Arts District (Corner Of Rosselle and King streets) in Historic Riverside, Jacksonville.  To purchase paintings/prints or for more info, please email or go to: www.greatblueheronstudios.com and/or www.florencenightingaleexhibit.com (Photo above:  Jensen Hande)
(Photo below:  Front Cover, ARBUS – The Arts & Business Magazine of NE FL)